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Friday, 26 November 2010

things I have made this week and failed at ...

I know there are a lot of photo's that don't have the recipes - I have a big pile at home that sits there looking reproachfully at me! In my defense I am feeling absolutely awful at the moment and managing to make anything between getting home from work and going to bed is considered a win! 

The two things that I have managed to make this week weren't very successful, although edible, and certainly not worthy of blogging yet! I shall add them to my list of things I shall try again!

Toad In The Hole
This was more toads lying on a quilt! It was soft but in no way the billowing airyness I was hoping for! Andrew Watson of the BBD Group has posted a recipe for yorkshire puddings so I will try again!

Porcupines (Meat balls with rice in)
They tasted pretty good and I don't think it was a recipe malfunction more a me being lazy problem - they obviously weren't all going to brown when put in together in a pan that size! They has mushed a bit into the sauce - I have some for lunch but they are very far from being meatballs now! Will do it again and take a little more time!

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