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Sunday, 20 February 2011

Moroccan-ish Poussin

Not really a recipe, more flavours & ideas to share. I am a big poussin fan; some times you want that roast chicken taste but living on my own its a lot of left overs to commit to! 1 poussin does me 2 meals but I'm sure a hungry guy could polish off one! They could certainly posh up roast chicken for a dinner party & are nicer than a full sized bird.
I gave this a Moroccan feel by smearing pomegranate molasses over the poussin & then sprinkling za'atar (moroccan spice blend, pretty easy to get) over the poussin & the veg (beetroot, carrot & celery;a combination of it feels middle eastern & its in my fridge!). I pre-heated the tray & cooked it all for about 45 mins - the size of the poussin does mean you can chuck everything in together! None of the veg was parboiled just cut into similar sized pieces. I certainly don't mess about peeling beetroot - the skin comes off easily after its cooked anyway.
Pomegranate Molasses is one of my favourite thing; at once both sweet & tart it lends itself to both savoury & sweet dishes - try mixing some in with sliced strawberries & letting them sit for a bit.  

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