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Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Tuesday's bento & last nights rabbit dinner

I have decided to stop worrying about being "behind" and just blog stuff as I do (eat) it - noone but me knows the stuff I forget to post anyway!

So this is my bento lunch, as packed in my miffy bento bag which I <3. The tall container is a thermos one which has basmati rice & left over rabbit in (see below) and the smaller container contains one of the vegetable tarts I made on Sunday, recipe from foodista, which I'll blog when I'm back at my PC. There are some little choc mint creams - there are some grapes on my desk, I promise!

The whole bento lunch concept fits much better for those of us on restrictive diets & I just love all the little tubs & things! Lunch at work is something a lot of people ask me how to do gf/df/lf so I'll try to keep track of my bentos! It doesn't need to be Japanese & Mediterranean tapas & antipasti suits really well. When I am back sat at my pc I'll update my links to my fave bento ones.

Last nights rabbit dinner.
So, I had this recipe to try but I forgot to get some of the ingredients s I thought I'd bung what I had in the oven & see what happened & it was good so I'm sharing it! It'd work with chicken too I think but rabbit is tasty, healthy & cheap so forget about beatrix potter & her friends and tuck in!
1 rabbit, jointed.
Red onion
Roasted garlic (i had some left over, I'm sure unroasted would be fine!)
3 tbsp(ish) of dijon mustard
Bunch of fresh tarragon
Carton of coconut cream (not creamed coconut - they're very diff! I promise there isn't a hint of coconut in the finished dish)
Generous glass of dryish white wine

In a shallow dish arrange the rabbit pieces, onion wedges & garlic. Spread the mustard over the rabbit and snip some tarragon over (im mad for tarragon so it looked like a meadow but use your own judgement) then splodge* the coconut cream on top, topping with a bit more tarragon. Pour the wine in the dish & bake at 200c for about 45 mins. Take the rabbit out & reduce the sauce if needed.

* a technical term for coconut cream coming out the carton

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