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Sunday, 9 January 2011

Enoki Mushroom Stir Fry

I've missed my Saturday morning trips to the market while I've been down south over Xmas but got back into my usual routine this morning. I usually have a few recipes planned before I go (chosen after my weekly email from Eat The Seasons - link below) but leave leeway for there being something I have to have! Today it was first to what I call 'the chicken stall' (I'm sure that's not what they call it and they do game etc as well) for rabbit* and venison*, the fish market for some mussels* then to Ted's fruit & veg stall where they know me well! They always want to know what I'm making and if they have something special put some aside for me. Today it was some very reasonably priced Enoki mushrooms - a shared love of sushi was discussed with Rob and how they could be used - but its Saturday so I went for the easy option. I got some asparagus (out of season but I can never resist), spring onions and red pepper then went to see the guy I get my beef from for a bit of steak. A very tasty lunch and it was nice to get away from the Xmas stodge though I did ruin that a bit with the 2 cookies after! Ok, 3 cookies.

A handful of Enoki mushrooms
Third of a red pepper, cut into strips
3 spring onions, halved lengthwise then halved or thirded
4 asparagus stalks, tips cut off then as the onions
Piece of steak, cut into strips
Tsp ginger matchsticks ( I use the lazy ginger - life is too short to chop ginger for a knocked together stir fry)
Tip of a Tsp of chopped Chilli (lazy again coz I am!)
Garlic oil
Sesame oil

In a wok I fried the ginger & Chilli in a generous slug of garlic oil before adding the onions and red pepper then the steak strips and asparagus, seasoning well - I do like my salt. Once these were done to my liking I added the mushrooms and a liberal sprinkling of sesame oil, stirring well to combine and served. HOWEVER LONG YOU THINK THE MUSHROOMS TAKE, THEY TAKE LESS! And, treat sesame oil as a flavour at the end rather than a cooking oil (if I give advice like that I learnt it from a rubbish experience, so trust me I'm not being a foodie nazi!) Nom nom nom - kind of wish I'd got 2 packets but sometimes things are nice because you don't have them loads and I know tomorrows stir fry wouldn't have been as nice!

*these are for recipes which should be on here soon - 1 thanks to recipe rifle -my favourite food blog. I am determined to get up to date this weekend!
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  1. rubbish app - can get words to post but not pictures! it has one!

  2. picture now added - the mushrooms almost look like noodles which wouldn't be a bad addition if you were hungry. Or didn't want to eat 3 cookies after - mmm cookies.

    Clearly I failed to get up to date at the weekend but I'm getting there! The ~ just means I haven't printed it for my recipe file yet!