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Friday, 31 August 2012

Five Things Away From Paleo

Deep frying
I want to be paleo, I'd like to be paleo, I really would - and some of my meals are, despite having to do potatoes for my dad everyday - but I just can't kick these last five things.

Sugar is an addiction, I won't pretend I am in control of it. Giving up booze would be easier I think! And giving up booze would not be easy. Hendricks & tonic anyone?
I do manage to swap sugar for honey or agave in some things but when I bake the sugar usually comes out! I am also so easily tempted by sweets & treats. I know I feel better without it but like a crackwhore I keep going back.

I have eaten so much rice since giving up gluten that I really can't imagine life without it. And I really love sushi! Sashimi only satisfies the craving so much, even if it includes beef tataki which I love.

Chips are self explanatory surely? I don't eat a lot of potatoes but chips & their chunkier sister, roast potatoes are very hard to give up. And fresh jersey royal potatoes - they just taste so good.

Genius is really the only gluten free bread worth eating and although I eat bread rarely their bloomer is just yummy. Bacon sandwich? Why thankyou!

Deep Fried. It's not so much the method of cooking, more that I turn a blind eye to the gluten in the batter. Soft shell crab tempura night be one of my favourite things. Whitebait? Pass the pail (pubs always serve them in those witty buckets don't they?). I think it's the only thing I cheat on gluten in. 

As I write this post I know I'm not going to be able to give these things up easily. I will try to cut them down with a view to phasing them out but giving up smoking pales into significance next to giving up sugar.

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