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Monday, 23 May 2011

Shopping & Cooking Hale & Hearty Veggie Fritters

I got this mix a while ago and have been meaning to make them, and I'm sure I would have got round to it eventually but one of my favourite people on twitter - @MsCurlysue - has been nagging me to do some veggie recipes so I thought now was the right time! I'm doing a properly from scratch veggie recipe tonight so I'll be in her good books!

However back to cheaty mix recipe - these were very easy, you basically just mix the contents of the packet with some water, leave for a bit then add an egg, some parsley* & the grated veg of your choice - I did carrot & coriander (in the processor) this time. Very tasty and cant be more than 40 minutes from opening the box to opening your mouth! Something different for lunch or supper. I'm not sure how they are cold the next day coz I only did a 3rd of the box and ate them all which was very short sighted of me as if they are nice cold they'd be a great addition to my bento!

*There are lots of herbs and spices in the mix so I doubt it would matter if you missed that out. I usually have a little freezer bag of chopped parsley from Waitrose in the freezer.

Def worrth a buy amd I shall be keeping a box in the store cupboard for a quick lunch!

I did point these but I can't remember - I wrote it on the box so I will add it! I did take a picture of the finished article as well but google is being sucky and won't let me up load it - they kinda looked like fishcakes or something.

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